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Health is a dynamic and ever changing process. Understanding the vast physiology and interconnectedness of the body systems allows practitioners to understand not only what is happening, but perhaps why it's happening. The functional medicine approach to health views all aspects on an individuals life as either contributing to or negatively impacting health. 

Functional Medicine is often utilized for addressing a variety of concerns including (but not limited to); PCOS, IBS, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances. Thorough review of your current and past health history provides practitioners with insights as to where the source of problems may lie. Interventions are heavily based around nutritional and lifestyle modifications and sometimes require referral to other specialized practitioners depending on your needs. 

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Erin Emerling, RN, MSc HNFM, mIFM

"I began working within the healthcare field approximately 15 years ago and hold a variety of experiences. My background as a registered nurse gave me the skills and foundational knowledge to know the general sense of direction I wanted to take with my career. The love for helping people is what kept me going in the nursing profession but I always knew this was just starting point. My views on the approaches to health have greatly shifted with time. While traditional western medicine is critical, particularly in acute situations, I always felt that there was something being missed. In contrast, the alternative approach to medicine encompasses many of the areas western does not, but the field has another end which can sometimes become a grey area when in the wrong hands. This for me is where Functional Medicine meets right in the middle. Functional Medicine is the approach to care which gives me the time to look at my patient as a whole and through understanding of the body processes and physiology, connect the dots to better determine why disease may be occurring. Most importantly, evidence based practice is the cornerstone of working in this capacity. I now take my professional and educational experiences to work with patients who are trying to determine the root causes of their illnesses or to enhance there overall sense of wellbeing and longevity.


The field of science is ever evolving and the practices used yesterday may be disproven today. I seek to provide my patients with up to date, quality, evidence based approaches towards healing. Just as importantly, I want my patients to feel empowered, have fun and enjoy their journey to better health."



Masters of Science- Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (USA)

Bachelors of Science and Nursing (USA)



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Clou Wellness

Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 70 766 1134


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