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"I am very happy with the results from Erin's Sugar Buster challenge. I was a chronic after-dinner snacker and continued to snack in spite of feeling lethargic and bloated afterwards. I knew I needed to do something to break the habit and figured a 14 day challenge would be doable. My wife was on board with it, too, so we dove in with a goal of getting so much sugar and processed food out of our diet.


After 14 days I've lost 12 pounds and have more energy than I've had in a long time. I have also experienced decreases in my blood pressure and, surprisingly, my anxiety. 


We enjoyed several of the recipes that are included in the plan. The ongoing challenge of cooking differently has been a learning experience (mostly for my wife) but we are working on incorporating what we now know into our eating habits as permanent practices.


We recommend this plan to anyone looking to make healthy changes into their eating habits. We also recommend taking on the challenge with a friend or loved one for added support and encouragement."


                                                                                                  -David Z. 

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